Posted in Turtle Research, Education and Outreach on Mar 03, 2017

World Wildlife Day was celebrated by thousands of Port Moresby parents and children today at POM Nature Park. The day, organised by Michelle McGeorge of POM Nature Park featured a large number of stalls, including one manned by the Piku Team from the University of Canberra.

Over 15 conservation organisations displayed their wares and and worked hard on raising community awareness on the day. There were lots of activities from facepainting to jumping castles for kids and lots more...

The Piku Team were surrounded by a bustle of kids all day, where they played games like Concentration, and worked through puzzles for prizes that included our new Reptiles of Wau Creek Poster, and Piku on Redio books and cds.

A great time had by all, and many thanks from Yolarnie, Frank John and myself to the volunteers which included Carla Eisemberg (yes, she is back!!), Fiona Manu, Fiona Manu, Sheila Manu, Denika Sapakali, Heather Taitibe, Giles Totona, James (Stingray) Pirue, Jerry Kera, Koura Ainoko and Wally Ainoko. Without you the day would not have been such a success.

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