The Australian Amphibian and Reptile Genomics initiative is a nationally inclusive and collaborative project co-led by Prof Craig Moritz (ANU) and Prof Arthur Georges (University of Canberra) and driven by the research community through partnership of universities, museums, government agencies and NGOs. The initiative will facilitate research using genomics approaches towards a more thorough understanding of evolution and conservation of Australia’s unique native Amphibians and Reptiles that are now under threat, through climate, disease or habitat modification. Bioplatforms Australia has funded this initiative which will operate under the governance of representatives from Australian museums, universities and government agencies.


Georges, A., Dissanayake, D.S.B. and Spencer, R.J. 2022. Evaluation of the use of buccal swabs as an alternative to blood sampling or skin sampling in freshwater turtles for analysis using DArTSeq. Report to the Australian Reptile Park, Somersby by Biomatix Pty Ltd. 28-Dec-2022 [pdf]

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